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Helping Small Business Succeed!
Professionalism and Commitment
​"My passion is helping small businesses. I know that the decisions that are constantly being made by small business owners on whether to hire help in a particular area or do it yourself can be difficult and costs are always a factor. I believe that all small businesses should have professional accounting help, it's an essential part of growing a successful business, but I also understand that it must be affordable."

                                         Adriana Rodriguez
                        Provident Accounting and CPA
2512 Carpenter Rd. Ste 201A, Ann Arbor, MI 48108
Our Services

Our goal is to provide the services your business needs at a rate your business can afford. As small business owners ourselves, we have a special affinity for small business and start-ups. We know how difficult it can be to create efficient, effective systems and processes from scratch, especially while trying to run your business! Our services include:

Accounting and accounting system set-up 
Business and personal bill pay 
Financial reporting
Tax preparation 
Business consulting 
Audit preparation